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preparing for the sale

After 24 years of experience as a Realtor I adhere to a magic formula for getting the best price and a quick sale for my clients!  (staging + right pricing =  most $ + shortest time)  These important components are accomplished during the pre-listing phase.

You no doubt have heard about the importance of staging your home for sale.  Many sellers these days have a good idea what that means and how they would go about it.  Nevertheless, consulting with a trained professional can make the process easier and more effective.  As I see it there are six pieces to the puzzle for staging a home to sell.

Outside – Curb Appeal Clean – Smile a Welcome Make Repairs
De-personalize De-clutter Minor Upgrades

Outside – Curb Appeal: The components of curb appeal are cleanliness, good repair and landscaping.  Buyers shop by comparison, and the first impression from the curb, followed by the first eight seconds inside the front door, set their initial opinion.  A positive opinion will improve the odds they will like the home and want to make an offer.  Less than positive and the buyer may still decide to make an offer (inventory is low, so their choices are limited), but they will likely see the value lower.
De-personalize: The way you live in your home is not the way to sell your home.  You want the home to be visually and energetically neutral allowing buyers to picture themselves there.  Personal photos, etc. interfere with this.  You’re going to move, so start packing before the home is on the market.
De-clutter: Similar to de-personalizing, create space for the buyers.  Think of a model home.  It shows great and allows buyers to embrace it as their own.
Professionally clean:  There’s clean and then there is CLEAN!  Professional cleaners can get kitchen and bathrooms looking new again.  Remember, you are adding value, each step you take in staging your home!
Repairs: Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes.  You go into a home that has a torn screen, a door that was badly scratched by the dog, and…  No big deal, right?  It is a big deal when you are looking for a quick sale at the highest price.  Guaranteed the buyer is wondering what else needs repair that is not visible to them.  They are going to ask you to make repairs anyway, so best to do them before you go on the market.  You want to leave a buyer with the impression that the home has been well maintained.  It pays!
Minor upgrades: As with repairs, minor upgrades such as updating paint, carpet, light fixtures almost always pay for themselves.  I would not recommend a kitchen or master bath remodel, but minor repairs when needed are essential.  A familiar refrain, “Can I leave it for the buyer so they can choose color and style that they want?”  “Uh, no!”  A move-in ready home sells quicker and for more money every time.  Your bottom line will be better, and you won’t be on the market any longer than needed.

When seeking the highest possible price for the current market showing condition is the first component.  Establishing an asking price comes next.  We are currently in a really good market, with low inventory and good buyer activity. There can be more than one strategy for pricing a home to get the highest possible price.  Under certain circumstances we are still seeing multiple offer situations.

Positioning for the market is fodder for another own blog.  Suffice it to say it is more than just a good set of photos.

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Tom Ward, Realtor


 I have been a full-time agent with Jess Reid | Christie’s International Real Estate since 1994 and am devoted to Park City’s Neighborhood home sales.  I have a passion for the art and science of home resales and a track record for delivering “results that move you”.  Don’t hesitate to call or email me for  information regarding the selling process.  It’s never too early to start preparing for a sale!

[email protected] • 435-647-3727 

main image: Boothill Drive, Pinebrook 

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