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As both a year-round vacation destination and permanent home to thousands, Park City’s real estate market is highly diverse.  Rather than cover the entire market like most agents, Tom Ward forgoes resort sales to better focus on Park City’s various neighborhood communities. He knows neighborhoods, the immediate environment of any particular home address.

Tom began his real estate career with Jess Reid Real Estate in 1994 and now works with the successor brokerage, Windermere Real Estate.

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Made Simple

Tom distinguishes himself as an expert in Rightsizing and Rightsizing transactions. “Over time, housing needs naturally shift. What was once a home that ticked all the boxes, may no longer be the best fit for a family or their lifestyle. I love helping clients pinpoint specific criteria based on new circumstances, to then identify a Park City neighborhood and home that is a perfect match.” Park City is such a special place; very few want to leave. Tom assists people needing to sell and leave the area, but many of Tom’s clients simply move from one part of town to another.

Tom is uniquely qualified to help clients enter the next chapter of their real estate journeys.

The complementary specialties of “neighborhoods” and “rightsizing” allow him to guide clients toward achieving their real estate dreams easily and effectively. Buying or selling a home is one of life’s biggest decisions. It’s crucial to partner with a seasoned agent who specializes in neighborhood homes and has a proven track record for getting his clients across the finish line with ease. Tom and his team’s intimate knowledge of Park City neighborhoods and how to best position a neighborhood home for resale is unrivaled.

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Changes across the life course often result in the desire or need for a new home. Perhaps you need more space for your growing family, or prefer to downsize and simplify as a newly empty nester. Maybe your neighborhood no longer suits your lifestyle, or you are transitioning from being a vacation homeowner to a full-time resident. Has more time at home during the coronavirus pandemic made you realize your home is lacking specific features? Tom is expertly prepared to discuss your options and help you align your real estate needs with any new objectives. Get more enjoyment from your home with less hassle and more peace of mind. With potentially more time and money on your hands, you can prioritize what you love and invest in your emerging needs and interests.

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Tom Ward

Tom is passionate about finding creative solutions for buyers and sellers, regardless of the timeline. For Tom, his clients are the heroes of the story, but it is his guidance that helps them navigate successfully the real estate market, and a negotiation and transactional process that can otherwise be challenging and complicated. For long-time locals and those new to the area, there is no better informed guide than Tom Ward. His clients benefit from his local insight, thorough research, connections, and communication.

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Your information will be kept private and will not be shared with third parties. We use this information solely to provide you with the most accurate information.