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Parkites come from all over the country but one thing we have in common is the choice to make Park City our new home.  We’re okay with long winters because with it comes the “Greatest Snow on Earth”.  And we’re an outdoorsy group in general, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want our homes to be warm and cozy.

If you’re looking to do some upgrades on your home, remember the kitchen and master bathroom are key selling points for a future resale.  A remodel in these areas of the house will give you the most return for the money.  And if you’re going to be remodeling anyway, here’s a specific upgrade to absolutely consider.  An electric radiant heating system in the master bath is a perfect affordable luxury.affordable luxury

You have to be a little crazy to retrofit an entire home or floor with underfloor heat.  Believe me, I’ve done it.  But it was hydronic, and part of a major remodel on our home, so it was the right time to do it, and it was worth it.  But adding radiant is a relative no-brainer if you have a bathroom that needs a face lift.  Underfloor heating has a reputation for being state of the art and will be appreciated by buyers looking for more luxurious features.  It will likely enhance your home’s selling price. So why not choose an upgrade that you will thoroughly enjoy now, while increasing resale value later?

2017-11-08_12-57-19Radiant heat is particularly welcome in the bathroom when you step out of the bath or shower on those cold wintry mornings.  And you can program a thermostat to have it active during the times of day you need it.  While we tend to think of electric heating as an expensive way to warm the home, in the case of a bathroom, the size is minimal, and with the use of thermostat programming it’s efficient.  Radiant heat does not rise like convective systems, and no fans or pumps are required.  So 100% of the energy goes to work to heat and keep the room heated. This upgrade will have little effect on net heating costs.

Electric radiant floor heating is simple and inexpensive to install.  Thin, durable, heating mats, designed to warm stone and tile are installed underneath the flooring.  Two popular brands are SunTouch and ThermoTile.

heat mat_previewA bathroom installation will have low running costs and minimal maintenance.  As we get older we start to feel the cold more than we used to, so treat yourself to a smart upgrade.  Of course there’s the chance that your bathroom may soon become everyone’s favorite room in the house!


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