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Tom: You left office five years ago.  I’m sure people would like to hear from you. How was it leaving? And what have you been doing?
Dana Williams:
After I left office, I started a small home improvement and handyman business. I called it Bar Rocking R Handyman Service, named after the brand we had on our farm in North Summit County. At first I really missed the daily interactions with the people of Park City, being a small town always kept me focused on what the issues of the people were and not my own agenda. The business has kept me busy with creative projects and I have found a lot of joy in it.

My work has kept me in front of people from all over Summit and Wasatch counties. One day might be in Tollgate Canyon, installing a new floor and watching a moose walk by. The next might be rehabbing a historic home in Midway, or building a bathroom in Silver Springs. It’s exciting and meaningful work!

I have also had the time to play more music. Motherlode Canyon Band is celebrating twenty five years of playing and it has never been better than it is right now. The people I have the honor of being in the band with have become like family. We have a busy schedule this summer.

Both of my children have come back to Utah after college. We are able to see each other quite frequently and it is great to have them around. Being part of the first generation of kids born here after the mining era is an amazing thing to watch. I am continually inspired by not only them, but the generation as a whole. They have such a deep passion for Park City and are willing to be part of determining it’s future.

Tom: How was it after the election?
Dana: One of the essential elements of activism is that you can’t be attached to the results. I was surrounded by an amazing campaign committee that never lost focus on what we were trying to accomplish. Talking to literally thousands of people over the course of six months was inspiring and worth the effort, regardless of the outcome.

Tom: What do you and Lisa see yourselves doing in the future?
Dana: We are trying to figure out what our next steps will be. We talk a lot about downsizing, but there is nowhere here that we can afford to go. We are looking outside of the city for a smaller home and will be spending more time with family both here and in Mexico.

Tom: Do you want to share any thoughts about Park City and the challenges it faces?
Dana: As Park City has become more popular, the amount of second home ownership has soared. According to the city, we have lost a thousand full time residents over the past four years. While efforts continue with affordable housing, the middle class is being eliminated. With the way things are going, I’m concerned that over the near future we could be a 90% second home and 10% affordable housing town. We were always proud of not being a Vail or Aspen, but market forces keep moving us in that direction. A couple years ago, when Vail attempted to trademark the name Park City, it made me realize that I still had an obligation to participate. We petitioned, got hundreds of letters and did a public demonstration in opposition to the proposal. It worked!!!

My parents became involved in Park City in 1964, I moved here in 1978 and my children were both born here. I am proud of this history! The concept of keeping Park City, Park City, is something that has to be continually fought for, nurtured, and loved. It is my hope that this will continue…

I recently hired Dana to help a client get his property ready for market. He’s a multi-talented professional. And his tile work is amazing! If you have a home project and need a great handyman give Dana a call!

Bar Rocking R Handyman Service



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