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The net worth gap between homeowners’ and renters’ is widening at an alarming rate.  Based on nationally projected appreciation rates over the next few years, if you are renting or thinking of up-sizing, now may be a smart time to buy.  Putting your housing dollars to work for you and getting started on the path to building equity, increases the rate at which a family is poised to borrow for the future.  This blog post from Keeping Current Matters makes a strong argument for first time buyers or move up buyers to act as soon as they can comfortably make payments.  Although pricing would obviously start higher in our market the percentage gain should hold true.  A good local lender can make a grounded assessment and help you determine your readiness.  See my blog September 6,2016 Working with a Lender.  If you are ready and willing to buy, let’s get together to find out if you are able to, today!



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