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Photo by Nan Chalat Noaker/Park Record

Photo by Nan Chalat Noaker/Park Record

Sunrise Rotary Shot-Ski Fundraiser, sponsored by Wasatch Brewery

This Saturday, October 14th, Park City has the chance to reclaim the Longest Shot Ski record back from Breckenridge, CO.  Breckenridge broke Park City’s 2016 record with 1,234 participants last January.  All that’s needed is 1,250 competitors to gather on Main Street, shoulder to shoulder, kick back a shot of beer simultaneously and proclaim victory.  What could be easier and more fun?  It’s for a good cause and heck, there’s not much else to do right now, right?

Breaking the record requires somewhere around 460 linked skis. They will all be adorned with cups of Sunrise Belgian Ale, brewed by Wasatch Brewery’s Nils Imboden.  Park City attracts a competitive spirit so I have no doubt our town will prevail!  In fact the post-win beer garden party is already scheduled complete with a food truck and live music from Pixie and the Party Grass Boys.  Celebrations begin at noon and will go until 6pm in the Wasatch Brew Pub parking lot, with the competition on Main Street at 2pm.  Proceeds go to Park City Sunrise Rotary.  Let the record breaking and making begin.

Link for ticket information is here.  This will sell out.

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