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Local Spotlight: Meet Sharon Anderson Morris

We are inspired by people who follow a passion to a purpose.  Park City local, Sharon Anderson Morris takes it to a whole new level. Sharon courageously embraces her passion for our planet and its inhabitants, and aligns her unique talents, to take action in meaningful ways.

Sharon Anderson Morris

More specifically, Sharon’s passion is to use her global connections in technology to benefit humanity and our world. Her work is making a difference on a global scale, and on multiple fronts.

Sharon Anderson Morris

Sharon is the former programs director for the Strategic News Service (SNS), whose tagline is “Next Year’s News This Week,” and the SNS Future in Review (FiRe) events. You will remember Sharon from her work locally with the Park City Institute: she was the co-founder, producer, and interviewer of the SNS/Park City Institute “Future in Review” Speaker Series from 2013 to 2017.  It was an exciting series of discussions with global world-changing technology leaders brought in by Sharon to share their ideas, findings, and predictions with us. The series later partnered with Impact Hub in Salt Lake City.

Sharon is currently the CEO of, another initiative of SNS. She recognizes documentary film making as a powerful tool for world and social improvement. is a membership-based organization whose mission is to identify, support, and promote potentially world-changing documentary films in which technology is used to improve the human condition, or in recognition of other critical issues of our time.

The 17th annual Future in Review technology conference was held last week in La Jolla, CA. selected “Sea of Shadows” as the FiRe 2019 Featured Film, and screened it at the conference. 

“We have already raised $24k to preserve the species Vaquita in the Sea of Cortez,” explains Sharon. “We are literally saving a species of small porpoises from extinction because of the efforts from members of and FiRe conference attendees!”

Visit to discover other powerful films, such as “Unlocking the Cage”.  Members of FiReFilms have access to world-changing documentaries and are kept updated on the work that continues beyond the film. To learn about and join the Team membership for just $195/year visit

Sharon also serves on several boards and task forces helping to strategize solutions with organizations committed to transforming areas as diverse as health care (Project Apollo), the future of transportation (HTT), and using technology to translate human and animal language ( Her interests are varied but share a theme of global impact. Sharon is the recipient of numerous awards. In February Sharon received the Novim Science for Global Change Award 2019, and as recently as last week in La Jolla she was honored with the Heart of FiRe Award.  I think that sums her up perfectly.  

Sharon and her husband David moved to Park City in 2005 to assist her parents so they could remain in their home and their community during their final years. Sharon’s parents were integral members of the community. Her mother was president of the Park City Historical Society and co-founder of the Park City Historical Museum, and her father was credited with reviving the Glenwood Cemetery and organizing the creation of the design of the Ecker Hill ski jump monument.  

Sharon and David made Park City their permanent home after concluding there was no better place to be. In her free time Sharon can be found hiking, running, doing yoga, and walking with her German Shepherds Simon and Lucy. 

To support efforts to save the Vaquita small porpoises, make a tax-deductible contribution. Visit and include a note: “for the vaquita/”, or send a check to Earth League International/11046 Charnock Road/Los Angeles, CA 90034, and leave a note in the memo.

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