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  • I have chosen to focus my business on Park City residential single family homes and townhomes. Determining current value is what I do. Are you interested in a quick ballpark value or a more detailed market analysis? Either way the service is free and without obligation. When you fill out the form, please indicate your preference in the comment section below. I'll get right on it!

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A Market Snapshot, Brief Analysis & Year-to-Year History on Market Appreciation, Specific to Each Neighborhood

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Townhome Market Update

The Park City Real Estate Market is Currently Favoring Townhome Sellers

Housing and the Pandemic Effect During the eight years leading up to the pandemic, Park City home prices were rising at an average rate of just over 8% per year.  After Covid-19 started to impact the economy the Federal Reserve started on a massive buying spree of treasury and mortgage-backed…
Townhome Basics
Townhome Basics: Distinctions and Advantages
Old Town
Townhome Options Old Town: Deer Valley Drive
Old Town
Townhome Options Old Town: Golf Course Area
Old Town
Townhome Options Old Town: Central Old Town