Home Ownership
April 27, 2017

From the Brokers Notebook: Are You in a Flood Zone?

Have you heard the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is updating flood maps in Summit County?  Once the maps are revised some residents & business owners will find their flood status may have changed.  Adversely impacted property owners have received notices from Matt Cassle with the city.  Affected areas include Daly…
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Ron with his faithful companion, Faith!
Home OwnershipRemodeling
April 24, 2017

Park City Remodeling Trends with Ron Blase

Ron Blase of Blase Carpentry stopped by this weekend to give us a brief primer on remodeling trends in Park City. Ron is finding his jobs are very often kitchen and bathroom remodels.  That in itself is nothing new; those 2 rooms typically see the most change. What's different, he says, is a…
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trusted referral service
Home OwnershipMaintenance Services
January 12, 2017

Who Do I Call For….?

Whether you are selling your property or just need some assistance with its maintenance, we know it is helpful, especially for out of area owners to have a referral.  Park City Neighborhoods has a trusted network of preferred Park City vendors, tradespeople and property managers.  Let us know if you…
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tucking up for winter
Energy Efficient HomesHome Ownership
September 29, 2016

Tucking in for Winter: weatherizing your home

By guest writer Chris Cherniak and Layla Ward: As the leaves turn and fall to the ground it’s time to start thinking about tucking things up for winter.  Part of that process involves buttoning up the home to insure comfort, health and cost savings.  According to the EPA heating accounts…
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